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"Our Divinely Gifted Shamsa can 'SEE' your health needs without touch"
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About Us

  About Ancient Health Care

Ancient Health Care was conceived through divine intervention, and has been spiritually initiated, conceptualised and is run successfully with pure and focused intent to heal our nation.
Ancient Health Care has been involved in the Natural Health Arena since 2OOO. Shaamiel Ben a tenacious spiritual entrepreneur has the acumen, foresight and panoramic vision tenacity and wisdom to bring about much needed change in our society. He continually observes the dire needs of others, especially those less fortunate than himself.

His unique entrepreneurship intertwined with divine intervention has allowed the Ancient Health Care to grow exponentially and today embraces greatness through Almighty Holds Care,... its future still to be unveiled.
Shaamiel continues to organically explore and expand his talents and intuitive healing abilities. The spiritual realms of higher consciousness (God Almighty) has opened a myriad of avenues for the Ancient Health Care's colourful journey. Shaamiel Ben has personally impacted the livelihood and health of many peoples globally.



Our inside Story


A truly amazing human being was led to South Africa to embrace her life purpose and found her spiritual connection that exists in this foreign land. It is with an open mind that her journey self discovery and enlightenment began. With roots of Chinese origin, Shamsa's migration to Africa was peculiar, as she had no inclination that her Divine life purpose and passion to give back to people was to commence in Africa. Understanding the dire need that South Africa lacks in alternate healing Shamsa was persuaded by Shaamiel Ben to begin her Divine purpose in Africa. Embracing humble beginnings, no facilities and little financial backing, the couple started off with no more than a single portable bed. After eighteen months Shamsa experienced a series of personal spiritual insights, when practicing her ancient healing "hands on" treatments, which intensified her journey of spiritual growth.
Their journey together began with a program through a local radio station, an exercise whereby five elderly people suffering from Cholesterol, Hypertension and Anxiety were assessed and treated with unbelievably positive results. Shamsa soon began aligning her spirituality with her newly acquired clairvoyance and God given talents; this is when Ancient Health Care came into being. The awakening of her spiritual connection allows Shamsa to 'see' clients health requirements without touch.
Ancient Health Care grew from strength to strength with the Grace of the Almighty. Come Relax, Revive and Revitalize your Body, Mind and Soul at one of our therapy outlets.

so Ancient, yet effective!

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