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 QWASA (Ancient Scrape Therapy)



Your skin is your largest single organ within your body, and is responsible for removing about a quarter of the toxins from your body daily. It is therefore, the most important of all of your waste elimination organs. Qwasa or dry skin scrapping is an ancient Chinese technique that aids in the skin's ability to release and remove toxins from your body. Few cultures have historically practiced Qwasa or dry skin scrapping.
In Japan it was traditional to brush the skin vigorously with a loofah before taking a hot bath. The ancient Greek athletes used a tool namely "the strigiles" after strenuous exercise, they believed that this not only cleaned the skin but also promoted healthy circulation.
Traditionally the Comanche Indians used river sand to scrub their skin, and dry corn cobs were used by the Cherokee Indians, in order to enhance the strength and beauty of the skin. The traditional naturopathic writings may refer to dry skin scrapping as a dry friction bath.
Benefits of dry skin scrapping are numerous, dry skin scrapping works to raise toxin to the surface and exfoliates dead skin cells.
Qwasa aids in stimulating circulation, assists the lymphatic system in removing toxins from the body, and promotes healthy glowing skin. Qwasa is perhaps one of the most simple and cost effective ways of promoting optimal health available.
Should your skin be really delicate your therapist may need to work gently at first and overtime be able to use apply firmer scrapping strokes with this unique scrapping technique.
At Ancient Heelt i Care we recommend dry skin scrapping once or twice monthly when suffering from chronic health conditions.
Regular dry skin scrapping will assist the body in detoxifying, increases circulation. and the natural beauty of the skin. Scrape Therapy or Qwasa is notorious as an anti ageing treatment and increases energy levels.

Qwasa is an ancient Chinese scrapping detoxification treatment, also
traditionally known as Scrape Therapy. "Qicasa" means to scrape. During a Qwasa treatment the skin will become slightly sensitized and create a reddish elevated skin rash. Bruising will subside within 3 to 7 days, depending on the well-ness of your blood circulation. Notably this treatment has been utilized in China for over two thousand years.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes illness and disease is caused by toxin build up in the body creating "stuck" energy.
Qwasa is an ancient technique that detoxifies and releases this stagnant energy so that "Qi" or life energy can freely move through the human body to keep us vibrantly alive and healthy.
A Qwasa treatment is usually given by a qualified therapist, but in China it is often performed in the home environment. It is non-intrusive, simple and very effective, with immediate benefits, especially when used for pain.

Benefits of Qwasa  

Moves "stagnation", promotes circulation to the muscles, tissues, and organs directly beneath the surface where treated. Restores normal metabolic processes of the body Lowers fever as a Qwasa treatment mimics sweating Helps build immunity

Conditions Treated with Qwasa
Systemic toxicity, poor circulation and emotional stress Fatigue, inflammation and chronic pain Headaches, sinus pain and shoulder, leg, neck and back pain Asthma, common cold, influenza and bronchitis Menstrual problems and much more.


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