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"Our Divinely Gifted Shamsa can 'SEE' your health needs without touch"
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Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy is an Ancient Art and Method of healing and is Fast Gaining Popularity Globally. There are many types of Massage Techniques that create a healthy body. Massage can help you, your family or your partner gain optimal health, relaxation, relief from tension and even cure certain health conditions and disorders.

We offer Acupressure Massage Therapy, unblocking the Meridians and Lymph Nodes - and naturally aligning the nervous system. The Massage System offered at all our AHC centres, includes:

  • Long smooth strokes
  • Kneading and Friction
The above work to relax tired and aching muscles, whilst at the same time encourage the flow of blood and lymph.
It is thus Ideal for specific physical problems, such as:
  • Muscle tension

The Massage Offered with us can be used to Relax muscles after physical exertion or to warm and loosen them in preparation for exercise. Massage is also a great mental and emotional stress reliever. The Area massaged first is usually the back, as working the muscles along the length of the spine,, helps to soothe the Central nervous System as well as relaxing the Client for the duration of the Treatment Session. Benefits of Massage;

  • A feeling of Well Being through the Comfort of Human Touch
  • Improved Blood Circulation, Lymphatic Drainage and Mobility.
  • Release of Endorphins, the Bodies Feel-Good Hormones
  • Reduction in Muscle Spasm, Pain and Tension
  • Balancing the Flow of Life Energy throughout the Body And Finally,
  • Relaxation, and therefore Reduction in Anxiety


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