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Foot Treatment


Chi Foot Treatment

   Chi Foot massage treatment is a scientific method of assessing and healing through massaging the meridian points on the sole of the feet. This method of treatment is dependent on links between certain areas of the feet and organs of the body.
Chi Foot massage was practiced by ancient Chinese civilizations and passed down from generation to generation. Our Chi Foot treatment is sometimes known as "compression massage".
The client is made comfortable, either in a reclining chair or on a treatment couch. Pillows are placed under the head and the knees. The patient is then encouraged to relax. Both the thumb and the Fingers are used for the type of meridian pressure massage.
A Chi foot treatment generally lasts for between 2O - 40 minutes. 

How Does Chi Foot Treatment Work ?

   It begins at the toes, and is rather like a creeping forward of the Fingertips moving down the sole of the foot. Areas of the feet are related to parts of the body. The toes correspond to the top of the head. The hollows at the base of the toes are linked to the ears and eyes. The sides of the foot nearest the little toes represent the shoulders. Lowerdown on the foot is the thyroid, the lungsand the heart.
If one continues moving down the foot we Find the links to the solar plexus, the stomach and the spleen. Halfway down the foot is the waistline, kidneys and the transverse colon and below it the descending colon and the small intestine. The heel corresponds to the sciatic area. The sides of the heel represent the hip and the lower back. The backof the ankle represents the rectum and the prostate gland. Points on the side of the foot represent the ovaries or the testicles. On top of the foot is found the breast area, with the bronchial and lung areas.

Chi Foot Treatment creates homeostatis in the body and is great for releasing anxiety and tension.



By pressing a specific meridian points on the Foot helps break down crystals in the blood stream and restores the balance of ENERGY between Ying and Yang.
After Care ADVICE:
i.e After Therapy (Inclusive of the Acupressure Massage, Qwasa {Body Brushing}, or Cupping)

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Eat light meals
  3. Avoid Alcohol

Take some time to Relax


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