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Types of Cupping

  Types of Cupping

Light Cupping:
Use a weak suction in cup to do light cupping, it is suitable for children and elderly people.

Medium Cupping:
A medium strength, general purpose cupping.

Strong Cupping:
Suction will be great and therefore it is not suitable for children and elderly people.

Moving Cupping or Massage Cupping:
Is a great method of massage and will be done by applying oil to the skin and moving the cup, by a weak suction, on the area to be treated.

Flash Cupping:
The name given when several medium cuppings are preformed several times in quick succession along the area being treated to stimulate it.

Wet Cupping:
It is the most frequently used, oldest and often most effective method. A sterile instrument is use to scrape the skin and the cup is then applied to collect blood.

Actions of Wet Cupping:

  1. Releases accumulated pressure and provides Instant Relief
  2. Eliminates blood volume
  3. Releases toxins from the Cupping Site

This Allows the Restoration of BALANCE.
Cupping is,.,.
Safe, Sterile and an inexpensive Technique
Slight discomfort may be experienced, but this is usually well tolerated by patients. Dark circles will subside withing 3 to 7 days, depending on the well-ness of your blood circulation.
Whenever Cupping is done, it should be with
the Correct Intention and a Proper Indication.



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